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About Us

The Saskatoon Indian and Métis Friendship Centre is designed to improve the quality of life for Aboriginal people in the City of Saskatoon.

Our facility includes a public gathering place where you can meet friends, use a computer or enjoy a free coffee. We also have meeting rooms and a gynamsium that is utilized for cultural programming, sports, and events. 

If you are looking for a rental space, the gymnasium and meeting rooms are avaialble when not in use for community programming. Please call 306-244-0174 for more information.


  • To provide a reception centre for migrating Aboriginal people coming to the City of Saskatoon
  • To provide an information and referral service for Aboriginal people residing in the city
  • To provide a place where cultural activities and identification can be carried on and maintained
  • To provide a meeting place where the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal community can come together, to mutually support each other and exchange ideas and values
  • To act as a catalyst for identifying Aboriginal concerns and needs


The Saskatoon Indian and Métis Friendship Centre (SIMFC) is a non-political, autonomous and a non-profit organization that was incorporated in 1968. It is a part of the Friendship Centre Movement which is representative of 120 Friendship Centres from across Canada. 

In the 1970's The SIMFC moved from a location on 20th street to the current location on Wall Street, where they purpose built the current facility to meet the unique needs of the Aboriginal community. 

Over the years the SIMFC has offered many types of programming that included boxing, sports, cultural activities along with important services that meet the needs of families and individuals alike. 

As over 50% of Aboriginal People live in urban enviroments, and Saskatoon has a current Aboriginal Population of more than 27,000 the Saskatoon Indian and Metis Friendship Centre serves as a Gathering place where Aboriginal people can be culturally engaged and connected to community. The legacy of bringing people together and the SIMFC being your home fire away from home continues to this day. 

Mission Statement:

To improve the quality of life for Aboriginal people in the city of Saskatoon.

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