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The SIMFC is governed by a Board of Directors, elected by the SIMFC membership and is comprised of twelve positions which oversee financial arrangements and an executive director who manages all programs within the centre’s mandate. Each member is voted in by the SIMFC members for a two year respective term. The Board consists of an equal number of First Nations and Metis positions along with one at large position. One position is also reserved for a youth representative, to ensure that Aboriginal and Metis youth have a voice within the organization.  

If you are an SIMFC member and interested in becoming a member of the Board of Directors, please contact the centre for more information and plan on being in attendance at the next Annual General Meeting.

Board Members

  • Sandra Youngchief, Chairperson
  • Colleen Whitedeer, Vice-Chair
  • Lavonne Cote, Treasurer
  • Pat Holtom, Secretary
  • Nora Cummings, Elder
  • Lyndon Linklater Sr., Traditional Knowledgekeeper
  • Audrey Armstrong
  • Trudy Moccasin
  • Shirley Ross
  • Penny Hurton
  • Kelsey Hignett
  • Josephine Paydahbin Aby-Hester


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