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Family Workers

The Family Worker Program encompasses two staff who are there to help with a broad range of supports and community navigation. We help navigate social services, assist in filling out forms and support individuals and families who are experiencing challenges relating to poverty, alcoholism, drug abuse, spousal/child abuse and cross cultural issues. 


Our goal is to raise the standard of life for everyone who walks through our doors by helping improve their mental and spiritual state, instilling the desire to achieve self-sufficiency and to help them take pride in themselves and their community


  • Provide guidance and counselling to clients
  • Initiate contact and maintain an information system with other organizations and agencies
  • Enhance cultural and community awareness of the issues facing Aboriginal people in an urban environment

The Family Worker Program offers:


Informal Individual (one on one) counselling as well as family counselling is provided at the client's request.


We assist clients if:

  • They are met with problems from agencies and do not know how to talk to the agency in order to receive services.
  • They feel they are not being treated fairly or with respect.
  • They are not being informed of their rights.
  • They are not receiving all that they are entitled to.
  • Filling out or understanding complex paperwork
  • Navigating Social Services and other social supports


A list of landlords and/or available housing is provided to anyone who needs it. Low-income housing forms are available and we will assist with form completion as requested.


If services are not available at the Centre, we can direct clients to the appropriate agency or supports to meet their needs.

We also accept referrals from other social agencies within or outside of the city.


We use our own resources or bring in experts to conduct workshops in:

  • Parenting
  • Cross-cultural awareness
  • Money management

All Services and programs are free! 
Drop in for a visit or contact The Family Worker Program at 306-244-0174

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