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Youth Works

Youth Works provides training and employment to young offenders, in order to pay victim(s) of their crimes.

Are you looking to support your community and contribute to the mentorship of young people? If so, Youth Works may be able to assist you with garbage removal, yard servicing, or minor build/repair projects. Call 306-244-0174 and ask for Youth Works to receive more information.

Key Information

Youth works functions like a business although the youth that work for us are referred by other partnering organizations. Our target participants are youth under the age of 18 years of age who have committed a crime. We provide services for male and female youth. We provide training and skills that are needed and necessary to shape the youth’s future. We also provide scheduled hours for youth and arrange a safe ride home at the end of their shifts. 

In addition to the many contracts the program carries, youth have the opportunity to spend time cleaning up Saskatoon’s West side alleys, and recycling bins. We mentor the youth to teach them skills for jobs such as doing lawn care, cleaning eavesdrops and cleaning leaves in the fall for Elders. As a youth restitution program we are helpful, youthful and hard workers. 


Which means to replace or repair the victim's property to the condition which existed before the crime.


Which means to point the offender in a new direction by:

  • Developing positive attitudes and life skills
  • Teaching marketable skills which can lead to meaningful employment.

How are the goals achieved?

  • Potential youth are referred by youth workers at the Department of Corrections and Public Safety, Saskatoon Tribal Council, Saskatoon Community Mediation Services, or the John Howard Society.
  • Youth Works staff provides work opportunities appropriate to the abilities of each participant.

What we do

  • Build garages, decks, cabinets, furniture
  • Paint inside or outside
  • Clean up your yard
  • Haul your trash

  • Recycle Bins

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